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Why women are absent minded.


Have you ever wondered why women are absent minded?

Seriously?! We have way too much to think about and way too many decisions to make.

You see, even as a young tot, I’ve had to make choices. Like if I wanted to stop wearing diapers and learn to go on the potty like a big girl. As I grew, those choices became bigger. And so did the options. What I’m talking about here is adulting. Both men and women have to do it, but sometimes it seems us girls are ALWAYS thinking. It’s like our minds NEVER, ever stop.

Or … maybe it’s just me?

I thought my choices as a child were hard. Until I became a teenager. And then I became a young adult. And then I wanted to be a child again. But you see, there’s no turning back. So you worry. And you think. And you have to move from thinking to actually making a decision.

Decisions are hard work. And women are thinking about all the decisions they have to make ALL. DAY. LONG. And then, when you become a wife and then a mother…you have wayyyyyyy more things to think about.

So you see, this is why women are absent minded. This is why we forget where we put our keys. Forget to bake cookies for the 3rd grade class party. Forget to take our birth control pills. Forget we committed to watch our neighbor’s kids. Forget how old we are. Forget to pick up our own kid… I mean… wait… not that that has ever happened to ME…

I mean, come ON! It’s ridiculous the amount of thinking we do.

Just look at this LIST of choices and questions and decisions!

  • When should we start “trying” to have a baby?
  • Test ovulation or not?
  • Should we find out the gender?
  • Male or female OB/GYN?
  • What if I can’t get pregnant?
  • Fertility drugs, IVF or adoption?
  • What brand of pregnancy test?
  • Pre-birth testing?
  • Home or hospital birth?
  • Epidural, drugs or natural?
  • Who is the best pediatrician?
  • Breastfeed or formula?
  • Curcumcision?
  • Co-sleeping?
  • Cloth or disposable?
  • What kind of baby bed, car seat, stroller???
  • Crying–too little, too much? What do they WANT??!!
  • Rashes, boogers, poop colors…
  • Hormones.
  • When do they start eating solids?
  • Vaccinate? Preschool?
  • Work outside the home or stay at home?
  • Daycare or home care?
  • Chiropractor or antibiotics?
  • Cry it out? Give in?
  • How do I lose this baby weight?
  • Join a gym? Is the gym child care OK?
  • Barbies and guns OK??
  • Pacifiers, blankies and imaginary friends…
  • When do I start potty training?
  • Which method should I use?
  • Make the boys stand or sit?
  • Keep the house tidy?
  • Summer camp? VBS?
  • Kid-Friend problems
  • Mommy-Friend problems
  • Bed wetting…Allergies
  • Bullying
  • Private, public or homeschool?
  • House cleaning????
  • What kind of birthday party?
  • ALL the “talks”
  • Football, baseball, softball, piano or voice lessons, gymnastics, golf, karate, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, drama, violin, chess, etc etc etc
  • Traveling teams?!
  • Helmets
  • How do I deal with those temper tantrums?
  • What are our family’s “bad” words (butt, bum or fanny?) 😉
  • Processed baby food or make my own?
  • Juice boxes? Candy?
  • TV, movies, video games…
  • Vacations? Where? When? How?
  • Harry Potter? Hunger Games?
  • BPA, natural, organic, PVC…….
  • School bus or drive them myself?
  • Am I being overindulgent?
  • Do my kids feel entitled?
  • College — how are we going to afford that??
  • Am I a helicopter parent?
  • Phonics or whole language?
  • Where’s the best school district?
  • Eating disorders, cutting, drugs, alcohol, unprotected sex, unplanned pregnancy, porn, etc.
  • What if there are learning disabilities?
  • IEP, 504, special needs
  • Finances…always.
  • Cleaning the house? Today … maybe?
  • Losing weight…eating healthy
  • They need to eat again???
  • Where’s the best Driver’s Ed?
  • Teen driving…oi vey.
  • Christmas presents
  • Clothing …and never-ever-ever-ever-ever ending laundry
  • Am I going to clean the house this year?
  • Shoes, shoes and more shoes
  • Computer filtering
  • All kinds of safety!
  • Who’s the best doctor?
  • Who’s the best dentist? Brushing and um…yeah, flossing
  • What’s for dinner?
  • Why are they always hungry?
  • Family pet?
  • When to get a cell phone?
  • Dating???
  • Do we need a gun in the house (if dating, yes)
  • How will I handle it when they get married?
  • How will I ever keep this house clean???

Now that I’ve taken the time to write and read this list, I’m wiped. And I know I’m not even scratching the surface.

No wonder I’m forgetful and absent minded! I’m giving myself a break, a pat on the back and taking a nap now. Well, after I decide on what to think about next.

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  1. You got it right!!

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